About us.

We founded Planet of the Apps to create a competence centre specialised is mobile solutions for our partners, helps them with technical tools and our experiences to make their mobile presence more efficient from every aspect. Create a better product through understanding of their costumers, optimise their marketing activity and exploits the hidden potentials in their business using the best practices and tools available on the market. Our goal is to help your success.

Why Us

The roots we built on was brought from the heart of Mobile Marketing. Our professionals worked in London and got real experiences in the so called performance marketing business. We lived through those days when the “best practices” were born. Mobile Marketing is a different kind of animal, the distance between product and customer had never been this small, the tools you can and tools you should use are new and very complex, takes months to find the right tool and other months to use it on the right way… We just offer you a shortcut with our experiences.

Development of an application has no end… it works in cycles. Development, marketing and analysis is the 3 fundamentals of the process. And each step brings new learnings in the cycle. We are thinking in this cycle, the life cycle of an app. Publish the App to the stores is far from the end, for us is the beginning, Marketing activity is lead by analysis and all performance and usage data is recorded. All bits of information is analysed and we are here to make sense of data.  The data which gives the intelligence of all further activity…

Our Solutions

Our expertise is Mobile Apps from top to toes. We believe that there are many very skilled and professional app developer also enthusiast teams with great ideas, but what really makes an app successful is not the idea nor the flawless coding, but the continuous maintenance and support which always keeps the app up-to-date and the users satisfied. Thats where we set. Planet of the Apps helps to understand the app users, their behaviour and level of engagement with the product… Thats the starting point for us…



Budapest 1037. Budapest Virág Benedek u. 23

Phone: +36 30 630 03 86