App audit

A complete review of your Application. Our professionals scrutinise your application from every possible aspect. The goal is provide a complete picture of the performance of the app, the problems with it, its position on the market, while offering suggestions how to change to be better. Examining the competitors helps to collect the missing functionality to satisfy users. The business model analysis points out new possibilities of monetisation helps to exploit hidden revenue potentials.

Overall the end result is a complete documentation which shows the current situation and also reveals a possible future direction.


1. App Analysis – Measurement Plan

Starting the analysis of an application is quite a complex task, before any code implementation you have to set the goals and find the right places where data will be collected. Data has dimensions, and it has to be configured properly, you can do this carefully as the beginning of the process or painfully as the ending of it.

As it said Data talks to you, but first you need to know your questions. A common mistake in analysis to collect everything without the right structure… which will create more confusion than solution. Before starting the implementation we sit down with the business to understand what metrics will be helpful which KPIs will show the information needed.


  • Define Events will be measured
  • What type of data will be collected and what dimensions will be available
  • Discussion with Marketing and Product teams to understand goals.
  • Highlight of platform specific differences
  • Independent documentation can be followed during implementation process.


2. Analytical Platform and Acces of Data

Mobile Analysis requires a specific data platform which collects and process the data for further use.

Planet of the Apps is the official distributor and regional partner of Countly Mobile Marketing and Analysis Solutions, we offer their solutions as our own. Countly is a continuously growing  ToolKit for Mobile Marketeers and Application owners to cover every possibly segment in the Mobile Marketing ecosystem.

Cost of the system usage is always paid after use based on the modules and complexity requested by customer, these fees are called technological fees which contains the 24/7 service of data collection and procession and availability of data through an online graphical interface.


In this context BigData Analysis means data extraction from the platform to answer the customers questions. Or more simple to make sense of data and create a documentation about the findings for the customer is digestible format.

In line with the complexity of the Analytical goals an extreme amount of data could be collected through the platform. The data is available in different formats depending on the phase of processing. The answers are not always simple, in many case a set of data need to be joined to give the answer. Sometimes an expert of the platform can be lost in data, thats where we try to help.

We are putting together the answers from characters and form the sentences can be understood for our clients.


Our Professionals are there to help and support your mobile product through the complete product cycle. We built and managed applications, were part of the Marketing activity and helped our clients to engage users… We offer our helping hand to our clients if any type of question emerges in connection with the Application.

As we emphasised a mobile product cannot be ready, it is only released. The work is continuous, after the release the marketeers start with the user acquisition activities which will be followed by analysis… Later all three goes parallel. In every moment of these cycle we are there with useful advices and suggestions based on our experiences.

Analytical education is important, we concentrate on the problems can be solved by our platform and the proper way of using it. But our education can cover everything related to Mobile Analytics and Marketing.


Our solutions requires a deep understanding on the code level of every mobile app regardless of platforms or frameworks used in the app. Therefore we offer application development as a solution also. Our interventions usually related to Analytical implementations and developments, but we are confident when providing general projection of a new product or overtake developments from a certain point.